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Hi. I’m Sarah, the founder of a company that develops digital products for language learning. Our flagship product, Go Correct, combines a Facebook Messenger chat bot with human input, automation and data analysis to provide language learners with daily practice and personalised feedback about their mistakes.

I’m based in the UK and occasionally Spain. I enjoy public speaking so if you’re looking for a female speaker, please get in touch.

I can talk confidently about the following topics:

  • How can chat bots be used for language learning (or education in general)
  • Facebook Messenger chat bots
  • Current and future trends in language learning, self study and education
  • Automation – will robots steal our jobs? Will robots replace language teachers?
  • Product design and development – listening to your users and building a useful product

Here is an example of a talk I recently gave at language learning conference.

Below you can see me speaking on stage when I accepted an award from the British Council for digital innovation in language learning.

You can get in touch at