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If you’ve decided to apply for a British Council ELTon award and you’d like some guidance for filling in the application form, you’re in the right place.

Big Languages won the 2019 ELTon award for Digital Innovation for our product Go Correct. We have decided to share the application that we submitted, to give other applicants an example of the type of things an application should cover.

View a PDF of the ELTons award application for Go Correct.

The application was written by our founder, Sarah Bromley. This was not the first winning ELTons application she has written. Back in 2009 she was part of the team that won that year’s Digital Innovation award, for which she also wrote the application.

Of course, what you write in the application is important but what matters most is the quality of the product itself. You’ll need to make sure that the application highlights the product’s qualities and, importantly, how it is ‘innovative‘ and ‘functional‘. Remember that those two elements are probably what the judges are scoring it on.

Sarah says, “I remember struggling with what exactly was meant by ‘functional’, but I worked on the assumption that in this context it meant ‘easy to use’, ‘easy to understand’ or simply just ‘useful’.”

What happens after you submit the application?

You submit your application by early November then there is long wait until April to find out if it’s been shortlisted. We saw that judges tested the product around February time.

If you’re shortlisted, the British Council ask you to prepare a 30 second video to be shown at the awards ceremony. Below is the video that we submitted. This video was made using free software – QuickTime for screen captures, Audacity for voiceover recording and iMovie for video editing.

Good luck with your application!

And remember, just being shortlisted is a wonderful achievement so first set your sights on making the shortlist.