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Big Languages’ mission is to make language learning easier and more effective. We do this by using digital technologies to solve typical language learning challenges.

Sarah, the company’s founder, has a background in digital product development, language learning and language teaching. She speaks Spanish and has also studied French, Arabic and German.

In the beginning

Although Big Languages was officially founded in 2017, the company’s first product, Arabic Reading Course, launched in 2010.

While finding it hard to master the Arabic alphabet, Sarah envisaged an online tool that could make learning easier. Arabic Reading Course was born and it soon became one of the most popular online tools for learning to read the Arabic alphabet.

Using chat bots for language learning

In 2016 Sarah started investigating how chat bots could be used to provide new types of services for language learners. The concept of chat bots is still relatively new. They enable people to interact with ‘automated assistants’ through a messaging platform. Today, Big Languages offers two chat bot-based products for English learners – Go Correct and Accent Rosie.

Big Languages’ goals for 2019 are to reach more language learners with these innovative products and continue building the technology behind the products.

Latest news

Big Languages speaking at 2019 Innovate ELT conference in Barcelona

Attendees of the Innovate ELT conference in Barcelona in May 2019 will have the opportunity to hear Sarah Bromley’s talk ‘Are you a real human?’ Using chat bots for ELT. Chat bots and intelligent assistants are rapidly becoming part of our daily lives. This technology...