Frequently asked questions

How quickly are my messages corrected?

The teacher will correct your message within 24 hours of receiving it.

How much can I write in my replies?

You can write a maximum of 50 words in each reply. This is what 50 words looks like:

If you send 52 or 53 words on some days, that is not a problem. If you consistently send messages much longer than 50 words, the teacher will only correct the first 50 words.

Who corrects my messages?

All Go Correct teachers are native English speakers and have a CELTA certificate and experience teaching English in the classroom.
There is currently one teacher that corrects most of the Go Correct messages, with occasional help from other qualified teachers when she has time off.

Is the teacher a human or a robot?

A real human teacher reads and corrects each of your messages. Some of the messages the teacher sends to you are scheduled in advance or delivered as 'automatic replies'.

What rules do you use for correcting messages?

Generally the messages are corrected so they use standard English grammar and sound like something a native English speaker would say.
Generally the teacher will not correct sentence structure or use of full stops. If the teacher feels you are not using sentences and full stops correctly, she will send you a separate message about this.
If your messages use language that is correct but too formal, the teacher will sometimes correct this too.

Are my messages saved anywhere?

We do not store the messages written by students on the free trial and the basic monthly subscription.
For students on the monthly subscription that includes analysis of mistakes, the text of your messages is stored in a database. This is necessary in order to provide your student dashboard.
The database server is located in the UK and owned by HostPresto.
For more information on this, please view our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

Can you correct longer texts?

Yes. Please email to ask for a price. Please give the approximate number of words in the text.