Privacy policy

This page explains how Big Languages stores and uses data that is collected during your use of the Go Correct service.

Big Languages is a registered company whose business address is 83 Ducie Street, Manchester, M1 2JQ.

>>> Storage of personal data

We do not store any information about students on the free trial.

For paying customers, we store the data that you gave during your purchase:
• Name
• Address
• Email address
This data is stored within the Shopify ecommerce platform.
We do not store your credit/debit card details.

For customers using the service that provides a student dashboard, we also store your Facebook ID and the text of the messages that you send in Facebook Messenger. This information is stored on servers owned by Host Presto, located in the UK.

Your full name, address and email address are not associated with your Facebook ID and messages. These two groups of information are stored in separate databases.

If you want to view or delete the data that we store about you, please contact

>>> Use of your data

Your data is not shared with third parties.

Your data is not used to contact you outside of the Go Correct chat bot in Facebook Messenger.

We reserve the right to use the text of your messages for the purpose of machine learning, in order to provide more intelligent feedback about mistakes that students make. By sending messages to Go Correct you agree for the messages to be used in this way. At any time you can request that we delete all the messages we are saving that are written by you.

Your messages are available to view in the student dashboard on a unique link that is given only to you by your teacher.

Your student dashboard is private but can be viewed by other people if they guess the unique number associated with your dashboard. No personal details (except message text) is included in your student dashboard.